Wpgtk 4.0

An easy to use, color scheme generator

wpgtk 4.0 usage example with openbox

What is it?

A universal theming software for all themes defined in text files, compatible with all terminals, with default themes for GTK2, GTK+, openbox and Tint2, that uses wal as it's core, in which you can choose to interact with in two possible ways, so you can enjoy the powerful wal while having an easy to use GUI AND a powerful cli tool.

How to install:

You can either clone this repository by doing

git clone https://github.com/deviantfero/wpgtk

Then you have to open the folder of the repository in a terminal and type

$ ./install.sh

How to use:

you can use the gui or the cli...

$ wpg -a /path/to/image #add a wallpaper
      $ wpg -l #lists the currently added wallpapers
      $ wpg -c #prints the current wallpaper
      $ wpg -t #apply colorscheme to terminal (equivalent to wal -r)
      $ wpg -z wallpaper #shuffles the given wallpaper's colorscheme
      $ wpg --auto wallpaper #generates fg versions of the first 8 colors of the given wallpaper
      $ wpg -d wallpaper #remove an existing wallpaper
      $ wpg -h #display usage
      $ wpg -s wallpaper1 [wallpaper2] #sets the current wallpaper and colorscheme, wallpaper2 is optional